How many new shops will there be?

Depending on retailer size requirements, we anticipate between 15 and 30 new units for high street retailers and food and beverage outlets.


What will happen to the current retailers?

We have some great retailers at St Marks already and our intention is to maintain a vibrant mix of shops to meet the requirements of Lincoln residents. 


Which new retailers are you talking to?

We frequently talk to a range of retailers as part of our ongoing management of St Marks and this will continue.  We are some way from being able to confirm what the line-up of retailers will look like once the development is completed.  


Is there room for two large cinemas in Lincoln?

Our proposals include a flexible leisure space, it is early in the process however we believe there is potential demand for another cinema offer within the city centre.


Will there be parking for the student accommodation?

The accommodation is directly opposite the University, and within easy walking distance of the city centre, the railway station, bus station and future hub facility. The concept of car-free student accommodation promoting sustainable travel is well established across the UK. To encourage this the development will also include a significant number of safe new covered cycle parking spaces.


What parking provision have you made for the other residential units and the hotel?

The new car park will be mainly for visitors to the shops and leisure at St Marks.  However, the design of the car park and the management of its operation will seek to ensure where possible the mix of uses across the new proposed development area are accommodated.


Will the existing car park at St Marks have to close during the construction work for the development? 

According to our initial phasing plan for our current proposals, the Retail Park west of the river Witham would be developed as ‘Phase 1’.  During this work the two deck car park on the east would remain open until the new car park became operational.


Will the development maintain the existing cycle route alongside the river? 

Yes, the proposals include an enhanced cycle path along a similar route to the existing one, close to the river.


Will you include any public toilets?  Will there be a ‘Changing Places’ facility?

As the proposals are at an outline planning stage, details of such facilities have yet to be finalised. We will consider the provision of these at the next stage of design to ensure that all facilities required within a mixed-use development of this kind are provided.


Will you include any design features which link to the history of the area?

As these are only outline proposals we are unable to confirm this level of detail yet. The final designs will be subject to consultation and approval by Lincoln City Council. The incorporation of historical features may be accommodated if appropriate in the context of the wider development proposals.